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Approx 12-16 oz

Mugs can look a little different from the photo since they're pre orders and I haven't made them yet. Each mug is hand painted and glazed so they're all unique.  

If you have read my recent posts, my kilns need new parts and due to supply chain issues, I cant get them for a few months. These preorders do not have a set ship date. My goal would be to have them once I have the parts, in April which was the estimate given to me. They could come sooner, they could come later. But I will make the mugs, paint them, and hopefully get them through their first firing and glaze them. So when the parts get here they'll just need to be fired and shipped. 

I really appreciate your support in this time. I don't do this as a hobby, this is how I support myself and my family, so you're purchases mean the world to me.